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Mosquito Coil Moulding Equipment

Mosquito Coil Moulding Equipment
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Pour the wet raw material in the double-axis mixer into the extrusion equipment of the mosquito coil moulding machine through the feeding system. Trough secondary extrusion, the wet raw material is extruded into strip shape by the fine moulding machine, and then the wet raw material is pressed into coil shape by the grinding tool of the forming machine. At the same time, the leftover falls into the conveyor belt from the lower part of the grinding tool and enter the extrusion equipment again, thus forming a coil to make use of the leftover.

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The grinding tools on the molding machine can be customized according to the customer's needs, which can meet the customer's different requirements. At the same time, we have developed the latest 28 molding machine, larger than the previous 18 molding machine.

IMosquito Coil Moulding EquipmentMG_4281





Press frequency


SL - 18

5300 mm * 5500 mm * 1700 mm

26.5 kw

18-20times /min

3-4 people

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