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Starch And Charcoal Powder Mixing Machine

Starch And Charcoal Powder Mixing Machine
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Starch and charcoal Powder Mixing Machine

Starch and charcoal power mixing machine can stir the mixture of various raw materials and cooked starch mixed to form a wet blank.

Put the raw materials which are mixed by the first step and the starches that it is cooked together , and then they are called the wet green.

Main feature:

1) The horizontal U-shaped structure is simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

2) Use world-renowned brand components, including pneumatic parts, motors, electrical parts, bearings and operating parts.

3) Our belt mixers are hermetically sealed on both sides.

4) There is a safety net on the cover, and the operator cannot extend the arm into the mixer to prevent danger.

5) Using pneumatic valve discharge.


1. Fast mixing, low energy consumption, good uniformity, bulletproof, suitable for small feed mills and family animals.

2. Washing powder mixer is widely used in poultry, animal feed, animal husbandry, chemical, food and flour industries.

3. U-shaped structure ensures low resistance movement of mixed material (powder, semi-liquid) in the cylinder with small resistance movement.

4. Washing powder mixer is suitable for coating, dry powder, chemical and other industries, used to mix dry powder prepared in various proportions.

Technical Parameters:

Model: THBJ-200 B

Specification: 2500mmx1300mmx1600mm

Power: 16.5KW

Operator: one operator

Working Process of Mosquito Coil Making Machine


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