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Dry Powder Mixer

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Dry powder mixer consists of a screw lifter, a screw discharging machine, a dry powder mixer, a sieving unit, and an electronic weighing device (distribution cabinet). The dry powder mixing tank is generally of a capacity of 2 tons. Add wood powder and carbon powder to the mixing tank in a ratio of 3:7.

The proportion of wood powder and carbon powder can be adjusted according to customers' requirements on mosquito, coil repellent incense. By adjusting the ratio, the smoke emission rate and fire resistance of mosquito coil sheet can be controlled. The dry powder should be stirred for about half an hour then enters the subsequent production steps. Pneumatic switch controls feeding speed with the bottom of the tank is equipped with electronic weighing device controlling weight. From these we can see, it is convenient and fast to achieve automatic work by dry powder mixer.

11Dry powder mixer1



Combined specifications



SL – 2000A


20 kw

1 person

Note: in addition, it is equipped with two screw conveyors with a diameter of 200MM and height of 3.5m.

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