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Mosquito Coil Forming Machine

Mosquito Coil Forming Machine
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Introduction of Mosquito Coil Forming Machine

It working principle: put the mixed wet green to the forming extruding facility, extruded by two channels, then become belt shape, finally pressed into wet green mosquito coil.

The wet billet into the molding machine squeeze material facilities, through two extrusions, into the fine billet body into a strip shape, and then by the punching into the mosquito-coated wet blank.

It has the advantages of tight and reasonable structure, stable operation, precise positioning of chain and better permeability of mosquito coil.

Technical Parameters

Model: THWXJ-18

Specification: 5300mmx5500mmx1700mm

Power: 26.5KW

Stamping frequency: 18-20times/min

Operator: 3-4persons

Also we can make mold for square shapes or other customized





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