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Mosquito Coil Drying Machine

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It pushes the formed mosquito coil to the dryer room, after dehydrated and dried for a certain time, then out dried green.

Drying essence is taking away moisture, but taking away the moisture temperature is not the most critical factor. The key to drying is the relative humidity in a certain space. Using the dry essence, the developer developed a closed cycle dryer to change the bake of the traditional heat pump dryer to dehumidifier.


1. Efficient: Compared with traditional drying technology, microwave dryer can increase work efficiency by four times.

2. Uniform heating: Rotate the tray and simultaneously heat the inside and outside of the material.

3. Easy to install and maintain.

4. Disinfection and sterilization: make food safer, healthier and have a longer shelf life.

Working principle:

Put the mosquito-coated wet blank into the dryer house, after drying, it is the mosquito coils.

Technical parameters:

Dryer length: 25-30m

Qty: 2 dryers (One mosquito forming machine need two drying house )

Fuel: Coal, Electric

Drying time: 4 hours (Continuously working, one end in, one end out )

Working process


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