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The molded mosquito coil will be convoyed by trolley to the drying room one butch by one butch. After drying for a certain period of time, the finished dried mosquito coil will be produced. It takes about 4-5 hours for drying coils thoroughly. This oven can be powered by electricity or gas. For instance, drying by electric heating 300 pieces of mosquito coil need consume 3 degrees of electricity, while natural gas is about 1 cubic meter. It can dry 1000-1200 boxes of mosquito coil per day.

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Auxiliary equipment:

The plastic sieving frame in the drying box and the movable trolley, generally a molding machine needs to be equipped with 8000 sieve frames and two drying rooms (one needs 25-30 trolleys), and one boiler (0.04mpa).

IMG_Mosquito coil dryer3834


width * height * length

Specification of plastic screen

Weight of plastic screen frame

4000mm*2300mm* 25,000-40000mm

900*450*40mm (18 molds)

1KG/ piece

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