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How to ensure the working efficiency of the carbonizing furnace? Clean up regularly!

Jan 30, 2019

How to ensure the working efficiency of the carbonizing furnace? Clean up regularly!

What the customers who bought the charcoal machines concerned about is the quality of the charcoal produced from the carbonization furnace. That is because charcoal’s quality will determine the charcoal’s market price, and also affect the the economic profits of the charcoal manufacturers. The advanced charcoal making technology can make sure the quality of the machine-made charcoal effectively. However, even a good machine can not withstand long-term use if we didnt keep these charcoal machines with good maintenance. Especially for the carbonization furnace which is used in charcoal production line, timely cleanliness can ensure its working effects.

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In the machine-made charcoal production line, pini kay from the sawdust briquette machine should be carbonized through the high temperature and high pressure of the carbonization furnace. However, under the great impact of the high temperature, the top and the bottom of the furnace will stick some ash components and charcoal residues after each carbonization operation. Most of these ashes and resides come from the ash components of the pini kay, and in some occasion, the outside impurities will enter the furnace easily on condition that the furnace has not so good sealing or welding.

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The ashes and resides left in the furnace may look so unimportant, but they really have a bad impact on the carbonization quality of the next time carbonization. If these resides are not cleaned out of the furnace in time, they will fall down from the top and the walls of the furnace when the inside temperature reaches 300 degrees. And the quality of the charcoal will be affected because these resides may attach on the surface of the finished charcoal. That will lead a bad result that the ignition point and the combustion value will be low, and this kind of charcoal may not sell a good price in the market.

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We must clean the furnace deeply after each of the carbonization work and increase the ash residue cleaning efforts for ensuring the quality of the charcoal avoid being polluted by the ash impurities. It is vital for us to clean up the internal of the furnace before the secondary carbonization regularly. Only in this way can make sure that the furnace be a good condition to the normal production. Besides, regular cleaning for the carbonization furnace is the key to keep the charcoals quality and get a lot of profits.

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