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Wood sawdust briquette machine can achieve low energy consumption and high output

Jul 12, 2018

  Shuliy wood sawdust briquette machine is developed with many advantages from home and abroad. This series equipment adopts hydraulic power and automatic control. Converting electrical energy into powerful mechanical energy through a hydraulic system, which has features of low consumption cost and high productivity. Wood sawdust briquette machine has such features:

biomass briquette making machine

  1. This equipment adopts automatic electrical control system, one operator can achieve the

  operation and production.

  2. This equipment is adaptable. It can be applied to coconut shell charcoal, bamboo charcoal, charcoal powder, straw charcoal powder, etc.

  3. Wood sawdust briquette machine has large productivity and low consumption cost, which is more than 50% energy saving than the old spiral forming machine.

  4. It is easy to operate and maintain. The host head is easy to replace and this machine can produce round, triangular, hexagonal, square, plum-shaped, various specifications of hookah charcoal, finger charcoal, gift charcoal, charcoal rod and other finished charcoal.

  5. The equipment adhesive formula is simple and easy to learn, and the company provides free training guidance.

  6. Auxiliary equipment such as wheel rolling is not required, and only a mixer is used to stir the carbon powder to produce.

  7. Good molding effect, no defective products.