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Wood pellet machine in the low carbon economy

Jul 27, 2018

Wood pellet machine develops rapidly and smoothly in the low carbon economy. A low-carbon economy refers to an economic system with little or no greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere, or the carbon footprint of an economic system being close to or equal to zero.

  With the increase in the global population and the continuous growth of the economy, environmental problems and consequences caused by the use of conventional energy sources such as fossil energy are constantly being recognized. As a new type of environmental protection equipment, the wood pellet machine can be said to achieve zero emission of carbon dioxide.

pellet machine

  The reasons for the increasing demand of wood pellet machine:

  1. The raw material of wood pellet machine is widely which is mainly used for the agroforestry waste, such as: crude fiber plants such as straw, sawdust, sawdust, straw, chaff, branches, leaves, bark, etc.

  2. Wood pellet machine is a low-energy environmental protection device, and general lighting power can be used for production.

  3. Wood pellet chip machine with low noise, strong fatigue resistance, can achieve continuous operation.

  4. The production of pellet fuel is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and low carbon is a clean energy source.