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Wood Pellet Machine creates new value

Jul 23, 2018

  The harmful for the sawdust burning is known by more people, it not only will pollute the air which will harm our body, but also cause traffic accident to affect road traffic and aviation safety. In addition, it may cause fires and damage the soil structure, resulting in a decrease in soil organic matter and a decrease in yield potential. Crop straw is an important biological resource with high comprehensive utilization value. It can cultivate edible fungi, produce biogas and use as raw materials for charcoal and building materials processing. It can be used for biomass power generation, and can also be used for straw returning and straw fertilizer. Practical techniques such as straw gasification are used comprehensively to turn waste into treasure.

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  The most rural areas are branches, straw, and yellow leaves, which have seriously damaged the development of new rural construction. The straw granule machine production line is the natural enemy of these biomass materials, which not only allows them to make full use of their value, but also allows farmers to have an additional source of income. The straw granule machine production line has changed the overall appearance of the rural areas, adding luster to the construction of new rural areas and promoting the development of new rural construction. Burning straw is an important measure to protect the environment. The treatment of straw is a top priority, and this situation is now getting stronger and stronger with the widespread use of straw pelletizers.