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Wood briquette making machine attractive characteristics

Jul 16, 2018

Wood briquette making machine is another supporting molding machine for charcoal machine. It is the machine which mainly made the crushed charcoal or unqualified charcoal rod into charcoal rod.

charcoal briquette extruder machine

  The attractive characteristics of wood briquette making machine:

  1. After carbonization, the original five processes are reduced to two;

  2. The service life of consumables has been increased from 40 hours to 4000 hours;

  3. The cost of electricity consumption is reduced by 60%;

  4. The production of the charcoal briquette making machine is increased by 2-3 times;

  5. The cost per ton of toner forming machine is reduced by 200;

  6. The operation difficulty is greatly reduced;

  7. Weak charcoal becomes high quality charcoal, and high quality charcoal becomes special charcoal.

  8. The content of weak carbon is increased from 60% to 70-75%; the high quality content is above 83%, which greatly expands the market.