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Why should we clean continuous carbonization furnace regularly?

Apr 25, 2019

Why should we clean continuous carbonization furnace regularly?

Most of the charcoal maker will feel familiar with the continuous carbonization furnace. This kind of charcoal machine really is very practical for the people who want to do charcoal production and want to make fortune in this way. Same like the hoisting type carbonization furnace and airflow type carbonization furnace, the continuous carbonization furnace also can make charcoal in large scale. We can make full use of the agricultural and forestry wastes to provide charcoal for the market and make money.


However, just like people will be ill someday, the charcoal machine will have the day for not working. So we should pay attention to maintain the carbonization furnace for getting good working efficiency and long time using. The continuous carbonization furnace should be cleaned regularly to make sure that charcoal production can be going smoothly.

How to clean the continuous carbonization furnace?


Regular cleaning of the charcoal furnace is conducive to the normal operation of the equipment, on the other hand also effectively improve the quality of charcoal products, so regular cleaning of the charcoal furnace is very necessary.

Daily use: before using continuous carbonization furnace equipment, check the sealing conditions of various parts, such as stove, gas stove and fan, as well as whether the parts are worn and loose. If the problem is found, repair or replaces the parts in time to avoid problems in the process of use.


Regular cleaning: in order to ensure the working efficiency of continuous carbonization equipment, we must regularly clean the ashes and other materials in the carbonization furnace. When general and normal use, clean every 3-5 days can. At the same time must check the carbonization furnace connecting pipe is blocked. If the obstruction should be timely dredge.


Daily maintenance: if the continuous carbonization furnace is not in use for a long time, the fuel in the continuous carbonization furnace should be emptied first. Secondly, the cover of the carbonization furnace should be opened for ventilation. To maintain a dry environment in the carbonization furnace.


Let the continuous carbonization furnace works well

In addition, in the charcoal production process, according to our actual needs, we sometimes should do a short period of downtime inspection and repair for the charcoal making machine. Only regular maintenance and inspection can ensure the efficient operation of the machine and reduce the failure rate.

rice husk carbonization furnace

Environmental protection continuous carbonization furnace adopts automatic control system. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate and easy to use. In addition to directly carbonizing rice husk products, other biomass materials can also be directly carbonized. Its operating principle is basically the same as that of the common carbonization furnace. The continuous carbonizing furnace is well manufactured, stable output, widely applicable to raw materials, simple process, but also can directly carbonize log, pini kay, rice husk, sawdust, fruit shell, hemp rod, palm shell, pecan shell, jujube and other agricultural and forest wastes. The choice of charcoal furnace production of charcoal safe and reliable, high rate of return on investment.


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