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What can influence the coal and charcoal briquettes making?

Jun 25, 2019

It is common that many of the users who engaged in the charcoal production line are familiar with the powdery charcoal and powdery coal briquetting because charcoal or coal briquettes making is a very important link of the charcoal and coal production. 

Through a series of charcoal and coal processing machines, we can finally get the high-quality coal or charcoal briquettes with good appearance. How does the charcoal briquette machine work and what should be paid attention to when we use this charcoal making machine? Follow these tips below will do a great help for you!

rice husk carbonization furnace

1. Raw materials’ characteristics for briquetting

The most critical internal factors that will affect the pulverized coal and charcoal briquetting process mainly include the elasticity and plasticity of coal and charcoal powder. And the higher the plasticity of pulverized coal and charcoal, the better their forming characteristics.

Peat, lignite, charcoal powder and other raw materials are rich in high plastic asphaltene and humic acid materials, so their molding is good, molding effect is ideal. Generally, most of the coal powder and charcoal powder before pressing molding need to add a binder to increase its plasticity before molding.


2.The molding pressure of the charcoal briquette machine

We all know that different types of coal and charcoal powder have different crushing forces. When the forming force is less than crushing force, the mechanical strength of the charcoal briquette machine increases with the increase of the forming pressure. The optimum molding pressure is closely related to the type of coal or charcoal briquettes, the composition of moisture and particle size of the materials, and the type and quantity of binder.

3.The moisture content of the raw materials

The moisture content of the raw materials in the charcoal or coal briquetting process is very important. The proper amount of water content can act as a lubricant, reducing the internal friction of forming system and improve the mechanical strength of the charcoal briquette machine.


If there is too much water, the water layer on the surface of the material will become thicker, which will affect the full density of materials among each other and reduce the mechanical strength of the charcoal briquette machine. In addition, the excessive moisture content will easily crack when the charcoal briquettes are dried, so that the charcoal or coal briquettes are prone to fracture;

4.Binder dosage in the charcoal briquette machine for sale.

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During the charcoal briquettes production process, because most of the coal and charcoal briquetting performance is poor, so the use of binder molding process is more common. At this point, the amount of binder is not only the key factor affecting the briquette strength but also has a very important impact on the briquette production cost. From the situation of binder consolidation, increasing the amount of binder is beneficial to improve the briquette strength.

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