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What materials can be used to make charcoal in southeast Asian countries?

Jan 24, 2019

What materials can be used to make charcoal in southeast Asian countries?

Shuliy machinery has been sorting out client data for nearly three months to find out that many of the southeast Asian countries like Philippines, Indonesia, India and Vietnam have purchased the charcoal machines.


These customers invest in charcoal machines, because they can use local rich and cheap raw materials, and their charcoal production cost is lower. In addition, the demand for charcoal increased year by year and the charcoal market has great potential. The investment of charcoal machine equipment can obtain higher economic benefits.

Sufficient raw materials for the customers of southeast Asian countries to invest in charcoal machine have a great production advantage, then what materials can be used to make charcoal in southeast Asian countries?


Due to the tropical region, hot and humid climate, southeast Asia is very developed in agriculture, which is the world's important tropical crop production base. Large amounts of crop production, such as rubber, rice, coconut and banana hemp, can provide abundant raw materials to make charcoal.

In India, rice is planted in large scale. And for most of the local people, rice is their daily food and becomes the main export product. India has been the largest exporter of rice in the world. Each year, there are many rice stalks and rice husks wasted after rice harvesting.


The same situation in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, two of the world's largest exporters of coconuts. There are also large amount of coconut husks need to find way of reusing efficiently. Rice husk, rice stalk and coconut husk are important raw materials for making charcoal.

Making charcoal by reusing these rich and cheap materials for southeast Asia people is a very good choice. Most customers who have visited the Shuliy machinery factory have said that the reason for investing charcoal machines is to consider that the advantages of low cost of local raw materials and abundant raw materials. 

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