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What is the automatic mosquito coil making machine

Jul 06, 2018

The automatic mosquito coil making machine is widely used in the market nowadays. It has features of high working efficiency, large output, easy to operate and welcomed by the market. Automatic feeding, automatic cutting and automatic colleting which save a lot of resource space for the enterprise. So what are the features of automatic mosquito coil making machine?

mosquito coil forming machine

  1. Energy saving and environmental friendly.

  Energy-saving and environmental protection is the consumption method of the national initiative. The fully automatic scented machine has less tailings, avoids the power consumption caused by repeated, and saves manpower. It is a fully automatic fragrant machine that is currently environmentally friendly.

  2. The biggest advantage of the automatic mosquito coil making machine is that it is fully

  automatic, automatic delivery, can be completed at one time, no need to stop the operation in the middle, it is very efficient to save manpower and time to complete the obligation.

  3. The mosquito coil quality is excellent. The finished product is smooth, the hardness is also

  relatively high, the length is the same, and the molding is better.

  4. Excellent function of the machine

  The automatic mosquito coil making machine uses automatic hydraulic device which has features of durable, adopts new frequency conversion device, the equipment is not big, the function is better, it is easy to transport, the quality of the machine is very good, and the service life is long.