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What materials are good for making hookah charcoal?

Apr 25, 2019

What materials are good for making hookah charcoal?

Along with the innovation of technology and science, peoples thinking mode and lifestyle are changing continuously. As for the way of entertainment, there are still changes. Just like smoking, compared with the cigarettes which are rejected by more and more people, the new way of smoking like shisha or hookah is very popular now. Which is now available in many big or small bars and cafes in many countries, especially in Europe and America. With the popularity of shisha, correspondingly, the market demand for shisha charcoal is also increasing. We can use the charcoal machine to make charcoal easily and many raw materials can be used for making charcoal, however, what materials are good for making hookah charcoal?


Why hookah(shisha) is so popular?

Shisha is also known as Arabic shisha or Arabic hookah, which is welcomed in most of the middle-east countries, like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Shisha was originated in India many years ago, then it was spread through the Arab countries and be carried forward there. Now there are many shisha smokers in these countries and they like to go to the clubs and bars to have fun together with their friends by smoking hookah.


Actually, shisha has become a new fashion for relaxation. Compared with another smoking method, shisha is healthier so that more people like it. Hookah is mainly made up of special shisha kettle, hookah charcoal, and hookah paste. When we use the shisha, we should burn the shisha charcoal first, then the hot charcoal will melt the hookah paste and the smoke from the hookah is produced by heating the paste as the charcoal burns. Shisha is usually fruity, such as apple, grape, blueberry, lemon, and cantaloupe, and there are also herbal flavors like rose and vanilla and mixed flavors like coffee and cola.


How to make hookah charcoal on large scale?

Shisha charcoal production process must be fine, so the demand for the charcoal machine is very high. Shuliy machinery has been the professional charcoal machine manufacturer for more than 20 years, so we can provide the shisha charcoal making machine with high quality and mature technology. To make hookah charcoal, there are several types of machine can be selected, like shisha charcoal tablet press machine and charcoal briquette machine with a cutter.

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Shisha charcoal tablet press machine is mainly to press the charcoal powder into tablet shape at a fast speed so that its output is large. As for the cubic hookah charcoal briquette machine, many customers have bought the whole charcoal production line. The charcoal powder should be mixed with proper binder first, and then be extruded with a certain shape. The molds for making different shisha charcoal can be changed easily. After briquetting, the shisha charcoal should be dried and then well packed for a good sale.


What materials are good for making hookah charcoal?

We all know that many raw materials can be used for making charcoal, like coconut shell, wood chips, rice husk, peanut shell, palm kernel shell, sugarcane bagasse, straw, and other biomass wastes. However, Shisha charcoal has high-quality requirement for charcoal, low ignition point, high density, long combustion time and small ash content are the basic requirements for hookah. Therefore, the raw materials for making shisha charcoal are well required. Among these materials, the coconut shell, bamboo and fruit tree are very suitable for making hookah charcoal. Especially the fruitwood charcoal, because it can enhance the shisha smoking flavor when burning and has a long burning time.


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