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What are the reasons will cause blockage for the wood briquette machine

Jul 04, 2018

During the operation process of wood briquette machine, the improper operation will cause blockage, so what are the reasons? According to many years’ experience of our company, there are many reasons for the blockage of the equipment as bellowing:


  1. The pulverized coal is too fine. As a general rule, the production of coal rods requires that the coal powder be as fine as possible. But it is not to say that the finer the better, when the coal powder is too fine, it is prone to blockage of the coal rod machine. At this time, it needs to be mixed with coarse powder to solve.

  2. The pulverized coal has too little water which can not reach the requirement. It is the common reason for the discharging port blocked. You can add some water to increase the humidity of the pulverized coal and then start production.

  3. The forming cylinder screw of the coal rod machine is loose or worn seriously. These two conditions will also cause the plugging of the coal rod machine. At this time, it is necessary to stop the repair and tighten the screws of each part, and find that the wear is serious and should be replaced in time.

  4. The wood briquette machine should add lubrication oil at regular time.

  5. After using one day, clean up the residual material in the machine body which will avoid affecting the normal work for the next day.