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What are the factors will affect the charcoal rod quality

Jul 10, 2018

  1. The coal gangue in the coal must be cleaned up.

  2. The diameter should be less than 2ram after crushed.

  3. After the pulverized coal is stirred by adding water and binder, the longer the stacking time,

  the better the adhesion of the pulverized coal during molding. Generally should be stacked for more than 48h.


  4. The water content is the key part for the finished coal rod. When adding water, add water

  evenly. Firstly, add water before stacking, add water about 8%-10% (if you want to add clay or other binder, it should be taken at this time. When adding sodium humate binder, the amount of water should be adjusted according to the amount of water in the binder. ), secondly, add water after stacking, when mixing the material, the water can be added. The water volume can be adjusted according to the motor wording powder. For example, 30kw motor, the general working current is 53 ~ 55A; 55kW motor, its working current is 80-85A. After the machine is out, the coal bar moisture is 12% to 14%. If the current of the motor is too large, the water is too small. Conversely, if the current is too large, the water is too much. Both of these conditions will affect the quality of the coal rod.

  5. Air drying time is better than 48h, the drying time should not be less than 8h, otherwise, it will

  affect the coal rod quality.

  6. The diameter of coal rod is increasing along with the using time. When the diameter is more

  than 12%, you should change the host head.