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Three Main Operation Steps of wood sawdust briquette machine

Jul 05, 2018

Shuliy machinery is a professional charcoal briquette making machine factory, the process procedure is rigorous, easy to operate and easy to study. As long as you master the debugging of raw materials, adhesives and moisture, you can successfully make a stick. However, the detailed operation process is nothing more than three major steps. The following three steps are related to the analysis.

  1. Boot preparation

  Only when you are fully prepared can you get twice the result with half the effort, can not be repaired and started after the materials are ready, which will greatly reduce the work efficiency. Therefore, before deciding to produce, the coal rod production equipment should be repaired, and then turned on and idling for 5 minutes. When the rotation is normal and the temperature rises to a certain extent, the feed can be produced.

biomass charcoal briquette machine

  2. Raw coal crushing

  The coal rod production equipment uses pulverized coal as raw material and is processed into high-strength coal rod by extrusion. Therefore, the degree of raw coal crushing is directly related to the quality of the produced coal rod. This step is an important step in the production of coal rods, if used The pulverized coal contains blocks of different sizes, so it must be sieved and pulverized first, and then stirred, kneaded, and humidified with a particle size of ≤ 5 mm, and then the production process can be entered.

  3. Finished product drying

  Despite the high temperature and high pressure of the coal rod production equipment, the surface of the produced coal rod is dry and has a certain strength, but the inside is still relatively soft, so it is necessary to place the coal rod after production and then dry it in the air. In the case of a mesh belt dryer for rapid drying.