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Three different operation steps for wood briquette machine

Jul 31, 2018

  When operating carbonization furnace, the buyers for wood briquette machine will consider the charring temperature. The industry of dry charcoal must first learn more about charcoal machines so that it can easily produce good quality charcoal. As the core part of wood briquette machine, the carbonization of carbonization furnace has three different temperature stages and the three temperature stages have different effect. Now, we will analyze the three points:

  1. Dry temperature stage: put the rod into the carbonization, if the temperature in the carbonization increasing to 160° when the machine beginning to work. The water content inside the salary bar mainly relies on the amount of external heating and the heat generated by the combustion itself to evaporate water, so that the internal structure of the salary bar will not change, nor will it affect the quality of the salary bar.

  2. Initial stage of carbonization: After the drying of the salary bar, the subsequent carbonization process, in this process, the carbonization of the salary bar mainly relies on its own combustion to generate heat, and the temperature in the furnace will rise to 160-280 ° C, such a high temperature will The decomposition of the internal materials of the salary bar is promoted, the composition of the structure changes, and the mechanism charcoal is initially carbonized.

  3. Comprehensive carbonization stage: After the initial charring of the salary bar, as the temperature becomes higher and higher, and the temperature is upgraded to 300-650 ° C, the material inside the salary bar will be rapidly decomposed, resulting in a large amount of acetic acid, methanol, wood tar and other substances, and will also produce Methane, ethylene and other gases, under different effects, fuel rods and other raw materials will be carbonized into carbon, and the mechanism charcoal will be produced.