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The significance of biomass briquette machine

Jul 14, 2018

  1. Reduce environmental pollution

Biomass briquette machine can use industrial waste and agricultural waste as binders, turning waste into treasure, reducing emissions of three wastes, and is of great significance for reducing pollution.

  2. Changing the performance defects of a single coal type

  In the charcoal processing procedure, by using the additive, different kinds of coal will be combined which can increase reactivity, flammability, thermal stability and ash melting point, and it can produce high-quality products that meet various customer requirements.


  3. Reduce lump coal demand

  A considerable part of China's industrial boilers and kilns are layer-fired and need to burn lump coal; lump coal is required for the production of synthetic gas and fuel gas in China's fertilizer industry. The development of industrial coal can alleviate the shortage of lump coal, and open up a technical way for the rational and effective utilization of fine coal.

  4. Improve raw coal combustion efficiency and reduce energy waste

  Among various clean coal technologies, industrial coal has the highest energy conversion rate of 97.5%, which is far greater than other technologies. Boiler briquette products have a large particle size, which can ensure the required voids during combustion, and have high combustion efficiency. At the same time, the amount of coal exposed is less, and compared with burning raw coal, coal is 15%~20%.