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How to judge the charcoal's quality of the charcoal machine?

Mar 05, 2019

The difference between traditional charcoal and the charcoal from charcoal machine

We all know that the traditional charcoal production mode has a great impact on the environment, especially causing huge air pollution. Now, all countries have issued various policies to protect the environment, and people's awareness of environmental protection is also growing. Therefore, the production model of charcoal has also undergone great changes, a large number of environmentally friendly charcoal production equipment gradually replaced the traditional charcoal production mode. Compared with the traditional charcoal production equipment, charcoal making machine has many advantages. Charcoal machines are widely used in industry, agriculture and daily life with its superior performance, so what are the special advantages of charcoal making machines?


1. Automatic heating device, which can adjust the water content of the material to ensure the shaping of the material and improve efficiency.

2. The sawdust briquette machine can control the feeding speed and mandrel density, so as to make a reasonable contribution to the subsequent process.

3. The transformation of the lubrication system has completely solved the problem of charcoal equipment failure caused by improper lubrication.

4. Charcoal machines’ stability and durability compared with the traditional charcoal equipment have been greatly improved.

5. Modification of the internal structure of the charcoal making machine enables more raw materials to be carbonized, thus reducing production costs.


Several points to judge the quality of the charcoal from charcoal making the machine

Now more and more customers invest in the production of charcoal, so the charcoal products in the domestic and foreign market become more and richer. How to judge the quality of machine-made charcoal is crucial. The diameter, color, hardness, crack and steel sound of charcoal are important factors to judge the quality of machine-made charcoal.

1. The length of the machine-made charcoal

Machine-made charcoal box length should be more than 5 cm, the length is subject to the carton box length.

2. The diameter of machine-made charcoal (degree of shrinkage)


At present, most of the domestic charcoal making machine manufacturers adopt a 5 cm diameter molding set standard, so the diameter of finished charcoal should be less than 4 cm, with 3.5-3.8 cm as the best shrinkage size. The resistance value is also based on the charcoal content and shrinkage to develop, export charcoal has this test standard.

3. The color of the machine-made charcoal

The color of the machine-made charcoal should be shiny black. On appearance, the charcoal shall be pure black, if the color is hair black and percussion sound is not clear enough, that indicates the material moisture is too big. If the color of the charcoal is a little yellow, that indicates there are impurities of the charcoal and ash component and volatile components exceed the standard; Or the carbonization is not enough, charcoal smoke has taste (charcoal has taste not necessarily smoke, but there must be smoke has taste), which is the most obvious phenomenon of incomplete carbonization.


4. The hardness of the machine-made charcoal

Hold the charcoal stick vertically with one hand and press the stick hard with the thumb. If it cannot be broken easily, the hardness is better and the quality of charcoal is better. A small number of cracks are allowed in the charcoal, which does not affect the quality of the charcoal. However, the large crack indicates that the density of the semi-finished pini kay is not good or the oxygen supply during the carbonization process is too large. Pick up two pieces of the charcoal collision, can send out a crisp metal sound.