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The function of Wood Powder Crusher

Jul 18, 2018

The functional wood powder crusher belongs to crushing equipment. On the hammer, there set a"dry" shaped hammer and a conical spiral blade which can increase abrasive area of the hammer and the grinding disc, the shredding function of the air squeegee is increased, and the defects of low efficiency and poor fit of the existing pulverizer are solved. The wood powder crusher not only can crush granular materials such as corn, soybeans and sorghum, but also can process long straw feed and cakes, chemical raw materials, Chinese herbal medicines and other materials, which have strong practicability.

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  The advantages of wood powder crusher

  1. Automatic feeding: easy and fast operation and high production efficiency.

  2. Smooth work: continuous crushing, balanced treatment, safe and reliable.

  3. Durable: steel structure components, solid and reliable material selection, high-power self-aligning bearings, long service life.

  4. Low cost of use: low power; excellent cutting material selection, double-sided cutting edge, life expectancy of 500 to 1000 hours, and repeated re-grinding.

  5. Easy to move: It can produce trailer-mounted mobile crusher according to customer's requirements, which is convenient for field production.