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The cause of abnormal wear of the tyre of the Micro tillage machine

Jan 24, 2018

The tyre wear of the micro-tiller is mainly caused by the friction between the tyre and the ground. If the tyres are improperly used or not properly positioned, will produce abnormal wear and tear, the common abnormal wear has the following:

1. Early wear in the middle of the tyre: the main reason is that the amount of gas is too large the appropriate increase in tire inflation, can reduce the rolling resistance of tires, save fuel, but the inflated volume is too large, not only affect the performance of the tire damping, but also make the tire deformation is too large, with the surface area of contact, normal wear and tear can only be borne by the middle of the tread, Form early wear.

2. Tires on both sides wear too much: the main reason is insufficient gas, or long-term overload, small gas or heavy load, tires and ground contact surface large, so that both sides of the tires and ground contact to participate in the work of the formation of early wear.

3. Tire side wear is too large: the main reason is that the tyre positioning is inaccurate, when the external dip is too large, the outside of the tire formation of early wear, the outside inclination is too small or not, the inner edge of the tire formed early wear.