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Technical advantages of hollow coal rod machine

Jun 26, 2018

  There are various series of charcoal briquette making machines, but which is the best from these types? Obviously, the charcoal briquette machine from Shuliy machinery is good. Coal rod machine is also named briquette press machine, charcoal powder making machine, etc. As the superior coal rod machine, we will introduce the technical advantages for you:


  1. It has high output which is higher about 40% than other coal rod machine.

  2. The product produced by hollow coal rod machine has hollow structure which can make the combustion more fully.

  3. The raw material has wide application, it can press various raw material into coal rod.

  4. Intelligent operation, the operation difficulty is reduced, and the production process is simplified.

  5. High forming pressure, the coal rod produced by this machine not only has good molding effect but also has excellent quality.

  6. This machine has core technology, related technologies have applied for national patents.

  7. Hollow coal rod machine adopts spiral extrusion and propulsion, and the spiral adopts thick design. The inner liner of the cylinder body is made of wear-resistant precision casting material, which in turn extends the service life.

  8. The finished rod shape may be: hollow hexagonal, square, round, plum, hexagonal, bar, etc. different specifications and shapes of finished rods for users to choose.

  9. The finished rod produced by the hollow coal rod machine has a wide range of use: it can be used as a large-scale barbecue, home barbecue, home heating, agriculture, industry, transportation and other multi-purpose.