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Professional Operation Process of briquette press machine

Jun 27, 2018

When some users operating sawdust briquette charcoal making machine at first, they will not familiar to the operation process. Some users ask the operation process of this machine, so we will introduce to you as following:


  1. Check whether each rotation part is rotate flexibility and has abnormal noise before starting it.

  2. It is prohibited to feeding material before starting the machine which will increase the load of the coal rod machine, burn out the motor, and start the empty machine for 2 to 3 minutes after the start.

  3. The raw materials must be used after adding water, adding binders, curing agents, and stirring for 24 hours, and the particle size should be less than 3mm.

  4. When using this machine, if the discharging port is blocked, clean it by using wooden sticks or bamboo strips to clear instead of using metal rods.

  5. Add lubrication oil into rotation screw regularly, the temperature of screw cannot exceed 60 degrees.

  6. In order to make the motor not overloaded, it is recommended that the user install an ammeter to adjust the feeding amount and moisture content of the coal rod machine according to the current number.

  If you want to know more about operation precautions for charcoal briquette making machine, please contact us for sending email or call when you free.