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Precautions for use of corn thresher

Jan 24, 2018

1. Since the working environment of the thresher is very poor, it is necessary to educate the personnel involved in the operation safely, so that they can understand the operating procedures and safety knowledge, such as fastening the sleeves, wearing masks and protective glasses.

2. Before use must carefully check whether the rotating parts are flexible without collision, the adjustment mechanism is normal, the safety facilities are complete and effective; To ensure that no sundries in the machine, the lubrication parts to add lubricating oil.

3. Before the boot should clean the work site, not to put some of the debris unrelated to threshing, children should be prohibited from playing at the edge of the site in order to avoid accidents.

4. When working, the corn stick should be fed evenly to prevent stones, sticks and other hard objects from being fed into the machine.

5. The joint of the transmission belt should be firm, it is strictly prohibited to pick up the belt when the machine is running or contact any object to the driving part.

6. The transmission ratio between the supporting power and the threshing machine should meet the requirement, lest the machine speed is too high, the vibration is intense, the parts damage or the fastener loose and cause personal injury accident.

7. Can not continuous operation time is too long, general work about 8 hours to stop checking, adjustment and lubrication, in case of friction seriously lead to wear, fever or deformation.

8. The thresher is generally powered by a diesel engine and should be worn on the exhaust pipe to prevent fire.

9. Thresher in the operation process, such as failure, should be stopped after the maintenance and adjustment.