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Popular Basic Biscuit Recipe Crispy Butter Cookies Recipe

Jan 30, 2019


The main raw material of Basic Biscuit Crispy Butter Cookies is wheat flour, and then sugar, butter, eggs, dairy and others. According to the differences covering recipe and production technology, biscuits can be sorted into two categories: basic biscuits and crisp butter cookies. Cookie and biscuit produced by Shuliy’s Biscuit Production Line surface is smooth in product surface, and the cracked section has layer structure.

Generally biscuits are baked with less than 30% sugar and less than 20% oil added. The characteristic of crispy butter cookie production line is equipped with various moulds with convex flower pattern, decorative pattern, and delicate structure. Sweet and loose crispy butter cookie consume oil up to 50% or so.

Short biscuit

With wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw ingredient, with the addition of bulking agent and other auxiliary ingredients. The baking food made by the cold powder process, such as powder blending, roller pressing, roller printing, or punching and baking, is mostly embossed, with a porous structure and a loosean crunchy texture, such as cream biscuits, onion flavor biscuits, sesame flavor biscuits, egg flavor biscuits and so on.

Resilient biscuit

With wheat flour, sugar and butter as the main ingredients, with the addition of bulking agent, improver and other auxiliary ingredients, through the hot powder processing, rolling pressing, rolling cut and printing, baking patterns are concave, with smooth appearance, smooth porous surface, layer cracked section, crisp texture, such as milk cookie, vanilla cookie, egg cookie, Mary's cookie, Boston cookie and so on.

Soda cracker: 

Wheat flour, sugar and butter as the main raw materials, yeast as the bulking agent with various auxiliary materials added. Soda cracker is made by fermentation, mixing powder, rolling, laminating and baking. Soda cracker is also called soda biscuit, which can be sorted into salty and sweet biscuit according to its different formula.

Thin and brittle biscuit

It is a kind of Thin and brittle snack made from wheat flour, sugar and butter, seasoning by other auxiliary ingredients, and made through mixing, molding and baking.

Egg flavor biscuit

It is made through whisking, mixing, and baking, and is a kind of crispy baked biscuit with wheat flour, sugar and eggs as the main ingredients.

The biscuit pattern can be customized by changing roller cutter with different moulds, please tell us your requirements prior to placing order.