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Popcorn Machine Troubleshooting and maintenance

Jan 24, 2018

1. Turn on the power switch of the popcorn machine to see if the equipment short-circuit fuse is broken.

2. Turn on the popcorn machine heating switch, the pot body is not hot, the heating indicator is not bright, the insurance is broken, please check whether the pot of the popcorn machine heater wiring has trouble, check the temperature controller failure, the furnace plate wiring short circuit.

3. If the heating indicator of the popcorn machine is not extinguished for a long time, the temperature is too high, check the heat-sensitive thermostat malfunction, adjust the heat-sensitive thermostat to control the 180±10℃ or replace the heat-sensitive thermostat.

4. If the popcorn Machine Lighting thermostat switch work after the light does not light, replace the bulb, if the popcorn machine thermostat temperature should be checked if the floor thermostat is short.

5. If the surface of the popcorn machine is too large, please check if there is a good grounding device.