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Operating place of hair removal machine

Jan 24, 2018

Hair removal machine also known as automatic hair removal machine, for chickens, ducks, geese, cats, dogs, sheep, rabbits after the slaughter of poultry automatic hair removal, can take off feathers, hair, claws and skin dirt, its working principle and for the removal of JIANGPI, peel potatoes, fish scales and other agricultural products peeling machine working principle is the same, The work of the people from the dirty and tired of manual labor to free out, greatly improve work efficiency.

The machine operation is simple, labor-saving, time-saving, health and other work efficiency equivalent to more than 10 people's manual labor, very suitable for the vast number of poultry processing specialist, roast chicken, roast duck, hotel, hotel, institutions, schools, canteens, hotels, vegetable farms and other uses.