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Investment Advantages of charcoal briquette production line

Jun 27, 2018

Briquette making machine is a professional production line to produce finished coal rod. Shuliy machinery is a charcoal briquette making machine factory, this machine can make superior coal rod by reusing the raw material to realize the resource optimization. With the increasing of the price, the charcoal briquette making machine is favored by numerous investors. So what are the investment advantages of charcoal making machine?


  1. Small footprint, especially for the city of affordable land. Charcoal briquette making machine effectively saves factory buildings and increases profits.

  2. Less labor, easy to operate. Generally, this equipment needs 1-2 operators.

  3. The supporting facilities, no need dryer and charring which save a lot of investment.

  4. The finished coal rod market is huge, which can be used for barbecue, heating, agriculture, industry and energy. The products produced by this equipment can meet the market demand.

  5. The charcoal briquette production line is easy to operate and can move easily. It can be adjusted freely according to the raw material place.

  6. The production process: Raw coal powder (coal, lignite, blue carbon, etc.)---- Multifunctional crusher----Adhesives----Mixing----Forming

  The above is the performance advantage of investment coal rod machine equipment. Shuliy machinery welcome to visit and inspect our factory from home and abroad.