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How to operate sawdust briquetting machine

Jun 29, 2018

  Here, Shuliy machinery will introduce the operation process of sawdust  briquetting machine to you:

sawdust briquetting machine

  1. Before operate it, test it empty, check whether there is loosen phenomenon of the bearings, and tighten them. Check whether there is abnormal noise and the power position is right.

  2. Before using sawdust briquetting machine, check whether the lubrication is enough and add at time.

  3. Check whether the rotation parts are flexible and whether there is noise. After rotating 2-3 seconds can feed material.

  4. In order to avoid overload working, users should install a DC voltmeter to adjust the amount of feed and moisture content based on the DC meter.

  5. The raw materials must be processed before processing. The maximum particle size is less than 2mm. Add water, add binder, curing agent, and stir and mix for 24 hours.

  6. If the discharging port is blocked, clean it with wood or bamboo bar without metal rod.

  7. Before stopping the machine, do not feeding. Then empting the barrel.

  Above the seven tips is necessary for safety production and improving working efficiency.