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How to Measure Chicken Fryer Frying Degree

Jan 30, 2019


In daily life, the range and frequency of application of the Fried Chicken automatic frying machine has increased considerably, for its frying effect has been widely recognized.

But the commercial automatic frying machine operation may be problematic. Due to the insufficient understanding and lacking the operation knowledge training, the automatic discharging French fries fryer failed to be fully utilized. Among the questions about operation of the Automatic Fried Chicken Fryer, the frying temperature control is the most prominent one.

Safe handling of the deep-fried snack Fried Chicken Fryer

The proper operation of donut frying machine is the precondition of ideal frying effect.

Turn on the power supply (alternative heating method includes: natural gas, electric power, and fuel)of the frying machine and switch on the electric control of the frying machine -- pour the fresh vegetable oil into the potato chips frying machine -- check whether the frying indicator light is working normally -- set the temperature control switch mounted on the fryer machine as required – deep-frying – frying finished – switch off the heating resource by setting the temperature control device -- turn off the power supply of the deep-frying machine – discharge the waste oil out -- clean the fried snack frying machine.


What is the best way to measure the frying degree of the Automatic Fried Chicken Fryer?

When you want to deep-fry the chicken with its outer layer crunchy while the inner meat juicy and tender, it is necessary to control the temperature of oil and degree of frying in a proper way.

To fry food, cook should not only strictly grasp the frying knowledge for instance heat, oil temperature, frying time and other factors, but also pay attention to the subtle difference between various raw materials including, size, thickness, texture, etc.  

If the oil temperature is too high, the surface of the product will be burnt with the internal yet to be cooked;

While, if the oil temperature during frying is too low, residue and impurity will be increased with both cost waste rate increased and the oil service life shortened. The requirement on cooking degree of some products various. Thus, frying degree control issue entails relatively meticulous patience and complex measure. 

During deep frying, the oil should be kept clean. Foam overflow phenomenon will appear if the oil is not clean enough. But, there are many ways to control and adjust the oil temperature: when the oil temperature is too high, cooling measures should be taken by adding cool oil, or increasing the amount of raw material input.