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How to make charcoal from coconut shell ?

Feb 21, 2019

Brief Introduction of Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

It is so exciting that our Shuliy machinerys charcoal making machines are sold to many countries in the world. And especially the coconut shell charcoal making machine is welcomed by many Southeast Asia countries where the coconut shells are so rich that people dont know who to reuse them every year. Our Shuliy coconut shell charcoal making machine is mainly to convert the cheap coconut shell material into charcoal which is popular among the domestic and foreign markets with good price.

The reason that many customers choose our coconut shell charcoal machine is there is a great market potential of charcoal production in the future. And invest in charcoal making machine is very wise for making money. It has been proved that our customers who bought the coconut shell charcoal making machine can get their cost back soon and they can finally drive the economic development of their local area.   


Working process of coconut shell charcoal making machine

As a professional charcoal making machine manufacturer, Shuliy machinery has explored advanced production techniques and introduced foreign technologies to design high quality carbonization furnace for making charcoal. Our charcoal making machine is suitable for a wide range of raw materials. Almost all the biomass wastes can be carbonized, such as tree branches, wood chips, coconut shells, straws, sawdust, rice husk and even municipal wastes, etc. This coconut charcoal making machine uses high temperature and oxygen-free carbonization technology to change coconut shell into charcoal, which are useful resources and can be widely used in many areas.

coconut shell

When use the continuous carbonization furnace for producing coconut shell charcoal, we can use the screw conveyor to transport the coconut shell into carbonization furnace directly and get the final charcoal. Or we can use crusher and dryer to process the coconut shell firstly, and then carbonizing it. Compared to the first method, the later one can decline the carbonization time and get higher quality coconut shell charcoal, because the crushed and dried materials are more easily to be carbonized.

The continuous carbonization furnace is an important charcoal making machine for producing coconut shell charcoal. The inside high temperature and high pressure can carbonize the coconut shell into charcoal and other products with high value-added. Before using the continuous carbonization furnace, we can heat the furnace by burning wood or coal firstly and make the furnaces temperature reaches about 280℃. Then we put the materials into the furnace for carbonization, that can increase the machines working efficiency. During the production process, except the final charcoal, there will be combustible gas, wood vinegar and wood tar that can be produced. And every ton of charcoal produced can produce 20 kg of wood vinegar. 



The combustible gas has played an important role in the whole production process because combustible gas can be recycled to heat the furnace after purified by dust collector, which can not only save more traditional fuel but also can protect environment from air pollution. The whole process of coconut shell charcoal making is very efficient and safe, and with big advantages of energy-saving and large capacity. During the production process of coconut shell charcoal, there will be a lot of wood tar and wood vinegar which can be sold to many industries as precious materials for further process. So that the customers who invest in charcoal machines can get their cost back soon and obtain more profits.

Main advantages of coconut shell charcoal making machine

tar and wood vinegar

1. Protective materials are added to the casing of the furnace to prevent the operator from hurting by the high temperature.

2. The coconut shell charcoal making machine is always used in charcoal production line, which can be used in match with crusher, dryer, screw conveyor and other machines so that can realize the automatic production of charcoal.

3. The end products like coconut shell charcoal is the best material of making activated carbon in many industries, especially in today's cosmetics industry. So the sale of coconut shell charcoal has a promising prospect.

4. The dust collector and purifying system are configured to the machine, so the flue gas discharges can meet the international environmental emission standard.

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Our Shuliy machinery is a complete eco-friendly machinery suppliers, especially in the aspect of production of charcoal machines.The raw materials like branches, rice husks, straw, sawdust, bamboo chips, coconut shell, peanut shell, fruit shell, weeds and other biomass materials and even recycling wastes that can be used to produce charcoal.

We can provide all kinds of charcoal making machines and also can customize the charcoal production line according to the customersdifferent requirements. Our main charcoal processing machines include wood crusher, wood shaving machine, wood chipper, drum wood chipper, airflow dryer machine, rotary dryer machine, sawdust briquette machine, carbonization furnace, coal extruding machine, charcoal briquette machine, coal ball press machine, honeycomb charcoal briquette machine, shisha/hookah charcoal press machine and so on, and all the types of equipment are available in our stock.

Our mechanical equipment is more practical, product design is more humanized, more convenient to operate and use, but also more energy-saving and environmental protection, can meet the different needs of customers. We welcome you to inquiry us about the charcoal machines and to visit our charcoal machine factory, we can provide free reception and considerate service for your coming.