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How to install and debug the sawdust briquette machine?

Apr 24, 2019

How to install and debug the sawdust briquette machine?

As for all the charcoal producer, they will feel familiar with the sawdust briquette machine because the sawdust briquette machine is a piece of important equipment for making pini kay in the charcoal production line. The pini kay can also be named as sawdust briquettes, biomass briquettes, and charcoal briquettes. Only the high-quality pini kay can be further carbonized into charcoal briquettes. Therefore, it is very important to know how to operate the sawdust briquette machine and master the knowledge of how to install and debug the sawdust briquette machine. The following is useful guidance for you.

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How to install and debug the sawdust briquette machine correctly?

It is not difficult for you to do the installation and debugging if you followed these instructions step by step as below. Do as the instructions told in order so you can ensure the safe production of pini kay and charcoal.

1. Keep the sawdust briquette machine steady in the horizontal direction and tighten all the connection bolts, especially the four bolts of the horizontal fixed molding cylinder, connect the electrical appliances and power lines.

2. Check whether or not the bearing parts of the machine has been added lubricating oil, if not, we must carry on the appropriate lubrication.

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3. Check whether the power supply voltage of the sawdust briquette machine is normal. Make sure the fuselage is well grounded. In addition, it is strictly prohibited that people standing in front of the forming barrel of the machine during the test.

4. Make the machine run in the positive and negative directions for 5 minutes respectively under no load, and then observe whether the propeller operates flexibly in the positive and reverse direction and whether there are no obvious abnormal phenomena such as shaft sticking and friction (it is normal if there is slight friction sound). If there is no abnormality, normal production can be carried out. When any abnormality is found in the testing, it shall be stopped immediately to find out the reason, and then the no-load operation shall be carried out after troubleshooting.


5. Adjust the temperature control instrument of the sawdust briquette machine to the required temperature (300 ℃ -- 380 ℃). When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, then stop heating, and the red indicator on the temperature controller will light up, which indicating the completion of heating.

6. Start the forward button of the machine to make the machine run normally and slowly add the materials. Pay attention to not too much feeding at the same time, and observe the extrusion of materials from the molding cylinder. When pini kay gradually formed, we can do the normal feeding. Until the machine produces a qualified pini kay product, the test is successful, and then can proceed to the normal production operation.


7. When the material is extruded normally, we should pay attention to observe the color of pini kay and check the heating temperature. When pini kay was light brown, it was normal. When pini kay is black, it shall adjust the temperature gauge and steadily reduced 5℃; When pini kay color is too shallow and the equipment is running hard, which is heralding that the temperature is too low, we should be to raise the temperature gauge 5 ℃, until the pini kay color is normal.

8. When the temperature is normal, but the materials cannot be extruded, which indicates that the propulsion shaft shall be removed in time. And adjust and repair the angle of the propeller shaft and the clearance between the propeller shaft and the forming cylinder.


9. Before the machine is stopped, make the hopper free of materials. And reverse operate the machine for 1 minute immediately after it is stopped to make the raw materials in the molding cylinder exit. Continue to heat for about 20 minutes, so that the residual raw materials in the forming cylinder are completely carbonized, which is convenient for starting the machine next time.

10. Stress again that the machine must be well grounded in the working process, so as to ensure safe production.

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