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How to improve working efficiency of charcoal briquetting machine

Jul 02, 2018

  1. Maintain the good mechanical properties of the coal rod is the most basic and important measure to improve working efficiency. For the finished coal rod product, once there occur any question and faults at a critical moment can cause production to fail. It even caused delays in all kinds of work, not to mention the improvement of work efficiency. Therefore, the proper operation and regular maintenance work can make sure the superior mechanical properties and smooth production.

  2. The preparatory work done well

  Do the preparation well is the effective measure to improve working efficiency of the charcoal briquette machine. From the production process of coal rod machine, if you do not do preparation work before start it, the working efficiency can not be improved.

sawdust briquette machine

 3. Pay attention to the improvement of supporting facilities

  Coal rod production is a systematic process, in this systematic process, charcoal making machine is the key equipment, but it also needs other supporting facilities to cooperate. Therefore, in order to improve the working efficiency  of the sawdust briquette making machine, we must pay attention to the improvement of supporting facilities. They are the guarantee for improving the working efficiency of the coal rod machine.