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How to extend service life of sawdust briquette machine

Jun 28, 2018

If you want your sawdust briquette machine lastingly plays good mechanical properties and prolongs service life of briquette making machine, after using a period time, please do maintenance work for it. So, how to maintain it?

sawdust briquette charcoal making machine

  1. Maintain the screw around feeding machine, and tighten loose screws with wrench.

  2. Maintain the feeding machine and squeezing tube which will make sure whether there is error between them. If there is error, adjust at time.

  3. Rotation screw of each part needs to take maintenance. You should add lubrication oil to each bearing and make sure them can work normally.

  4. After using sawdust briquette making machine, clean up the internal material of the machine so as not to harden and affect the use of the next day.

  5. Do not throw any hard material like screw into the machine.

  No matter how superior quality of your machine, after using a period time, you should do maintenance work which can extend the service life of your machine. We welcome new and old customers at any time to come and visit Shuliy factory when you feel free.