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How is the market demand of bamboo charcoal

Apr 16, 2019

What about the market demand for bamboo charcoal?

With the improvement of our living standard, our consumption concept also produced tremendous change and we pay more and more attention to green environmental protection and a healthy lifestyle. Now, the environmental problems caused by the house decoration and because of the harmful material from the formaldehyde, paint decoration materials such as toluene, ketone, gradually got the attention of the people all over the world. People have been constantly pursuing a pollution-free and healthy living environment.


Therefore, we really need to find something to remove these harmful decoration materials. So bamboo charcoal as the functional materials and environmental protection materials in this background came into being, it can absorb harmful substances, purify the air, moisture removing, shielding the role of radio waves and so on. In recent years, bamboo charcoal production industry has been a rising industry at home and abroad, and the great demand for bamboo charcoal is in dramatic growth.

How is the market demand for bamboo charcoal?


There are many countries in the world has planted bamboo in history, especially in the tropical and subtropical regions. Among them, Asia is the richest in bamboo resources. And China has the world's most abundant bamboo resources, which is the world's most important bamboo country. However, it seems that there is not so much bamboo charcoal in the international market. According to experts' prediction, the annual demand gap of bamboo charcoal in the domestic market is more than 1 million tons, while the annual demand gap of southeast Asian countries is more than 5 million tons.

At present, the domestic chemical industry and metal industry alone has a demand of 6 million tons of bamboo charcoal, and the food industry has an annual demand of about 5 million tons of bamboo (wood) charcoal. Besides, the demand for bamboo charcoal in southeast Asia and other countries in the world will be greater and greater. We can imagine that the application range of bamboo charcoal is more and more extensive, and the demand for bamboo charcoal in the international market will be increasingly large in the future with the deepening of people's understanding of bamboo charcoal.


Great advantages of bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is made from bamboo by pyrolysis at high temperature in the charcoal machine especially the continuous carbonization furnace. Bamboo charcoal is rich in minerals and has many pores, with a specific surface area of more than 300 square meters/g, so it has a strong adsorption capacity, and the attached microorganisms on its molecular surface can completely decompose the adsorbed substances.


The main functions of the bamboo charcoal include water and air purification, dehumidification and mildew control. In addition, it has strong adsorption and health care effect. And it can be used in many fields in our daily products making. That is why bamboo charcoal is so hot and popular in the market.

How to make bamboo charcoal in large quantities?

The traditional way to make bamboo charcoal in building the earth kiln and burn the bamboos inside is gradually replaced by the new eco-friendly way of charcoal making. Because the way of producing charcoal in the earth kiln is low in efficiency and the quality of finished charcoal is not very good. Although the method of producing bamboo charcoal with earth kiln has less investment, the quality of bamboo charcoal produced is difficult to guarantee.

Therefore, with the development of the charcoal making technology, use the special charcoal making machine like carbonization furnace to make bamboo charcoal has become a new trend. Because the bamboo charcoal that produced by continuous carbonization furnace is good in shape and quality with stable character. In addition, bamboo charcoal machines production cycle is very short, and its investment income is fast. Charcoal making machine is the ideal equipment for choosing to make bamboo charcoal.


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