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Hollow shape coal rod machine raw material

Jun 26, 2018

  Due to the huge market of hollow shape coal rod machine, this machine is in short supply, high profit, easy to operate, environmental friendly, so it is welcomed by investors. As the hollow shape coal rod machine factory, next, the author will introduce the understanding of hollow coal rod machine from the two aspects of characteristics and raw material sources deeply.


  Characteristics of hollow coal rod machine:

  1. This machine can use various waste material of agricultural and wood industry, such as: coal, carbon residue, lignite, charcoal powder, etc., they can be reused and to make into coal rod.

  2. High forming pressure, adjustable host speed, intelligent feeding device and easy to operate.

  3. The machine’s price is cheap, easy to operate, high profit, and sells good. It is suitable for rural entrepreneurship, vigorously develop hollow coal rod machine can benefit the country and the people.

  Raw source of hollow coal rod machine:

  The raw source is wide, generally, rural rice husks, peanut husks, fruit hulls, cotton hulls, soybean stalks, hemp stalks, corn stalks, corn stalks, bagasse from sugar mills, furniture factories, woodworkers, sawmills and wood shavings, bamboo and wood corner waste, raw materials such as scraps of scraps from plywood mills, fine board mills, reeds from the mountains, and twigs are charred first.