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Have a good knowledge about biomass briquette machine maintenance

Jul 03, 2018

The sawdust briquette charcoal machine is a high-strength extrusion equipment. Abnormal operation will cause many problems. When using the coal rod machine in the early stage, some users operate the equipment Inexperienced or can not master the dry humidity of raw materials, which will affect the productivity and the finished coal rod. So it is necessary to take maintenance work for the biomass briquette machine.

sawdust briquette charcoal machine

  1. Add lubrication oil for the bearings and check the seal condition regularly, find the problem

  and solve it immediately

  2. Newly installed tires are prone to loosening, maintain it after using a period time.

  3. When processing charcoal rod, pay attention to each rotation part whether they are normal and need to maintain.

  4. Check the wear and tear condition of the easy wear parts, change them at regular time.

  5. When the biomass briquette machine is working, if the bearing temperature is high, stop the machine and find the problem and take maintenance work for the bearings.

  6. Adjust the distance between rotation gears which can avoid the impact between the gears due to distance discomfort.

  Above are the maintenance tips for the biomass briquette machine, please operate the equipment carefully. If there is any question, you can contact us when you feel freely.