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German customer bought the whole set of cube shisha charcoal briquette machines

Feb 14, 2019

Last week, our Shuliy machinery welcomed two German customers who visited our charcoal machine factory and bought a full set of shisha/hookah charcoal briquette machines for commercial production of shisha or hookah charcoal. They browsed our charcoal machine website for the briquette machines and contacted our sales consultant about the detailed information like parameters about the shisha charcoal press machine. After they contrasted several charcoal making manufactures with careful investigation, they eventually made up their minds to visit our Shuliy machinery charcoal machine factory for further studying.

Charcoal briquette machine

As we knows, shisha/hookah has become a new fashion of healthy smoking spreading over all the countries in recent years. Which is especially widely used in the lounges, bars and other entertainment venues of western countries. Now, hookah is popular among the youngster in Europe and America who comes from college. The reason for these two German clients decided to invest in the production of shisha charcoal is that they have investigated about their domestic shisha charcoal market and they believe that there will be a promising future for their shisha charcoal business. They finally decided to visit China is because they read the useful and detailed information about how to make hookah charcoal from our sales consultant who is very professional in this field.

A happy group photo in Shuliy machinery

These two German customers were welcomed in our Shuliy group. And after a short rest in our reception room, our sales manager drove them to our factory in person. The charcoal powder for testing the production effect of the machine was brought by them from their hometown because they want to see the truly result whether the machine is suitable for them or not. The customer mainly wants to produce the cube type shisha charcoal, therefore when watches the shisha charcoal powder molding production to be very earnest. They carefully recorded the main data and production links, carefully asked the performance and output of the machine, and observed the shape and color of the produced cubic shisha charcoal. They watched closely to each step of the production.

German clients examine the charcoal machine carefully

What impressed us a lot is these two German customers were very strict with the quality of final shisha charcoal products during the factory. After drying in the drying stove, the customer picked up the cube shisha charcoal for careful inspection. For testing the density of the charcoal, they even knocked on it by an iron rod and dropped it on the ground directly. When the shisha charcoal fully burned, they also carefully checked the grayscale of the charcoal. In order to make sure that the hookah charcoal were smoke-free and non-toxic, they brought back several pieces of shisha charcoal to the hotel and tested in the shisha kettle which they brought there by themselves.  

group photo in charcoal machine factory

These two German customers were very satisfied with the shisha charcoal press machines of Shuliy machinery. And they bought a complete set of shisha charcoal production line, including charcoal grinder, binder mixer, charcoal briquette machine and cutter with conveyor for their large scale production of shisha charcoal. They were very satisfied with our considerate service and our products and they expressed that they will be glad to cooperate with us in a long period.