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Forecast of Development Trend of Meat Products Industry

Jan 17, 2019


1.   Low-temperature meat products will be more favored by consumers

Low-temperature meat products have the characteristics of fresh, tender, chewy, delicious, good flavor. And with its advanced processing technology it is obviously superior to high-temperature meat products in quality. With the improvement of people's living standard and the growing healthy eating concept, low-temperature meat products will obtain a predominant position in the meat products market. In recent years, low-temperature meat products have gained more and more attention from consumers and is the most attracting item among meat products. From all of these, it can be seen that low-temperature meat products will be more favored by consumers in the future.

2.   The Combination of traditional meat processing methods with the modern

Given more than three thousand years of improvement and experience in meat processing of China's, and with its wide variety, unique color, good taste and other characteristics, it surely favored by the people at home and abroad. But the processing method of traditional meat products also has many defects, for instance inferior quality control, short storage time, which is not suitable for large batch production. To complement, it is necessary to intensify research and development in respect of the manner of traditional meat products processing, and reform meat traditional process method with modern science and technology. Therefore, the latest meat producing method including high pressure, vacuum, microbial fermentation technology, etc. are widely adopted in modern meat processing. To realize the industrialization and further development of meat industry, it is the irrevocable trend to update the production methods.


3.   Continuous improvement of cold chain logistics system

The development of meat products industry cannot live without logistics. In recent years, government has encouraged and implemented the model of "large-scale breeding, centralized slaughtering, cold chain transportation" so as to improve the poultry slaughtering and livestock processing capacity, and ensure the quality of the final meat products.

4.   Gradually improve the scale and modernization level

At present, foreign food industry has built a complete industrial system, with a high degree of modernization. The government will largely invest in the development of meat products processing industry, poultry breeding, slaughtering and deep processing, frozen meat storage, wholesale and distribution, equipment manufacturing and the establishment of related institutions for higher education and scientific research. To improve the scale and level of modernization of meat products is conducive to further development of the meat industry.