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Finished Coal Rod Characteristic Advantages

Jun 30, 2018

  1. High molding quality

  Although the plasticity and polymerization ability of pulverized coal is not very high, it is easier to process in the processing process of the coal rod by the use of a proper amount of binder and the strong extrusion action of the  charcoal briquette machine. Both quality and strength are very high.

  2. Easier operation

  Although coal rod machine processing can achieve a qualitative leap, the operation of briquette making machine is not complex. Even if you don’t have the expertise in the operation of the coal bar machine, you can get on the job with a simple training.

briquette making machine

  3. Concise processing

  Although the coal rod machine also belongs to a series of briquette equipment, due to its advanced technology, the process is very concise when processing coal rods. For example, the pressure ball production line is composed of many equipment. From raw coal to ball, it needs to be pulverized, proportioned, and stirred and so on. The coal rod machine has wide adaptability to raw materials, which can save many links and simplify the process.

  4. A multi-purpose machine

  The coal rod machine can be used to process not only raw coal into ordinary coal rods, but also hollow coal rods and vacuum coal rods by changing the mold. In addition, the coal rod machine can not only process the raw coal into coal rods, but also process the charcoal and carbonized biomass fuel to achieve multi-purpose use.