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Feeding requirements for sawdust charcoal making machine

Jun 29, 2018

For the hollow coal rod produced by sawdust charcoal making machine, the first step is feeding raw material, it is also the key step. Only the feeding step takes normally, can the sawdust charcoal making machine work smoothly and the quality can be ensured. Here, we will introduce the feeding requirements of sawdust charcoal making machine to you:

sawdust charcoal making machine

  1. The feeding material can not contain metal objects, the hard projects will damage the inner part and the nose of briquette making machine.

  2. The feeding material diameter should be less than 2mm which is conducive to the production of hollow coal rods.

  3. Before feeding material, take the machine rotate empty for several circles. When the rotation speed reaches normal speed can take feeding process which can avoid damaging electric motor or bearing caused by rotation speed is not normal.

  4. The feeding volume should according to the requirement, otherwise, the hollow coal rod hardness is not enough.

  5. Before feeding, the material should be even, then you can feed the material to the feeding port.

  Only the feeding material meets the requirement, the safety of the coal rod machine can be guaranteed, the damage can be reduced, the life of the coal rod machine can be prolonged, and an ideal high-pressure coal rod can be produced.