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Environmental Charcoal Briquette Machine Production Line Development Direction

Jun 28, 2018

  Currently, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment is promoted. With the development of technology, the equipment from Shuliy machine is more and more mature. So what is the development direction of charcoal briquette making machine?

  1. Fine direction development

  Currently, wood briquette machine can be divided into hollow coal rod machine, coal rod forming machine, coal rod extruder, etc. The principle of these machine is familiar. Coal rod machine uses the principle of screw extrusion and propulsion to squeeze the pulverized coal and raw coal into a finished coal rod with a certain size, which can produce ideal high-pressure coal rods. With the development and the objective needs of users, in the future development, coal rod machine will be derived from a variety equipment, and will be more refined.

wood briquette press machine

  2. Focus on user experience

  Coal rod making machine is serviced to coal rod, in the production process, user’s experience is very important. Therefore, simple and easy to use is the future development direction, if the operation is too complicated, it will not work. It must be easy to use, easy to operate, and the suppression effect is ideal.

  3. Environmental friendly development direction

  There is an inseparable relationship between environmental protection and energy use. Optimization of energy use can greatly improve the environment, so energy conservation and environmental protection will become a major direction for the development of coal rod machines.