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Do you know the advantages of briquette making machine

Aug 02, 2018

There are many series briquette making machines, among them, which type is the best? Certainly, the hollow briquette making machine is the good. So, what are the advantages of the briquette making machine?

briquette making machine

  1. High output, 40% higher than other types of coal rod machine;

  2. The coal rod produced by the hollow coal rod machine has a hollow structure, which can make the combustion more complete;

  3, the raw material has wide adaptability, and the hollow coal rod machine can be used for pressing and forming various raw materials;

  4. Intelligent operation, the operation difficulty is greatly reduced, and the production process is simplified;

  5, the pressure is high, the coal rod produced not only has good forming effect, but also excellent quality;

  7. The hollow coal rod machine adopts a variable pitch impeller, and the blade adopts a thickened design, and the inner liner of the cylinder is made of wear-resistant precision casting material, which effectively extends the service life;

  8. The reducer adopts a hard tooth surface, the volume is relatively small, and the bearing capacity is large, which can meet various forming requirements.

  It is with these technological advantages that the hollow briquette making machine has become the most popular briquette equipment.