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Develop Prospect of Meat Product

Jan 14, 2019


First of all, with the development of economy and society, people's consumption concept on food has gradually changed--they pay more attention to the safety, health, nutrition and flavor of food. Meanwhile, consumer demand starts to shift from cheap low-end products to brand products--that means high reputation and high quality and exquisite design, which is an important intangible asset for enterprises and a key factor for consumers to distinguish the quality of products. "Green and safe food", "safe meat", "pollution-free pork" and a series of safe, healthy and tasty meat products produced by the well-known brand have gradually become the first choice of consumers.


Secondly, in order to reduce the procurement cost of raw materials, ensure the quality and stable supply of raw materials fundamentally, and further expand the profit space of products, large-scale slaughtering and meat processing enterprises have sought to resort to transformation to the upstream of the industrial chain. On the other hand, in order to ensure smooth sales channels, large-scale slaughtering and meat processing enterprises are constantly expanding their sales network, establishing logistics distribution system, establishing new sales terminals such as concrete exclusive stores, so as to maintain the controlling position in the market, gradually change the traditional single wholesale sales model, then realize the interconnection between the international markets.

Finally, in China's slaughtering and meat processing industry, deep-processed products account for a relatively small proportion. Over 80% of meat commodities have sold to thousands of households in the form of raw meat retailing, with low added value created. With the transformation of consumer demand and the integration of the slaughtering and meat processing industry, leading enterprises as the leaderships of financial and technological strength have continuously increased the investment in developing meat product deep processing, which has increased the added value of products significantly, and effectively enhanced the ability to withstand the market risks.