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Composition of the fan for Wood Pulverizer

Jan 24, 2018

Wood crusher equipment mainly by cutting devices, crushing devices and fans (also known as induced draft fan, centrifugal fan) and other equipment, fan as a wood grinder equipment, a major configuration equipment, in the protection of wood grinder equipment normal production and use of a very important role.

Wood Grinder fan mainly by the chassis, spindle, impeller, bearing transmission mechanism and motor and other components:

Chassis: Made of steel plate solid and reliable, can be divided into integral and half open type, half open easy to overhaul;

Impeller: Composed of blades, curved front plate and plate rear plate;

Rotor: should be done static balance and dynamic balance to ensure smooth rotation, good performance;

Transmission part: Has the main shaft, the bearing box, the rolling bearing and the belt wheel (or the coupling) composition.