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Choose rice husk charcoal making machine for selling rice husk charcoal

Jun 25, 2019

In our traditional views, rice husk is just a kind of biomass waste, which is usually used for feeding animals. Sometimes, the rice husk is just burnt for reducing space occupations, which has caused serious environmental pollution. Therefore, it is very necessary for finding a new way to recycle these biomass wastes. Rice husk charcoal making machine has drawn worldwide attention in recent years.

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The charcoal machine for making rice husk charcoal is mainly the carbonization furnace, especially the continuous carbonization furnace which can carbonize the rice husk directly within 20 minutes. After carbonizing, the rice husk charcoal can widely be used in many fields and it can also be further processed for making activated carbon.

Why turn the rice husk into charcoal by the charcoal making machine?

Actually, the rice husk is not so suitable for making animal feed, because rice husk contains some organic substances such as cellulose and lignin, and the protein content is low. The high content of cellulose and lignin in rice husks can cause animals to be difficult to digest and grow slowly.


However, based on these features, rice husk is very suitable for making rice husk charcoal by charcoal making machine. The rice hull carbonizer machine has the features of the compact structure, advanced technology, perfect supporting devices, end products with high values, etc.

Rice husk charcoal making machine for sale

To turn the rice husk into charcoal, there are mainly two kinds of carbonization process can be chosen.

1. Rice husk drying---------continuous carbonization furnace---------rice husk charcoal

Under this carbonization technology, it is very simple and quick for making rice husk charcoal. Before carbonizing, the rice husk should be dried with the moisture content less than 20%. And the carbonization furnace should preheat for about one hour before putting the rice husk into the inlet. When carbonizing, the rice husk will be carbonized within 20 minutes in the continuous carbonization furnace.

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2. Rice husk drying---------rice husk briquetting---------carbonization furnace----------rice husk charcoal briquettes

If you want to make rice husk charcoal briquettes, you can choose this carbonization craft. Before briquetting, the rice husk also should be dried with the moisture content less than 12% which can ensure the briquettes with good quality. Then we use the sawdust briquette machine to make rice husk briquettes with a certain shape which can be selected according to the customers’ requirements. After briquetting, we can choose the carbonization machine(self-ignition type or airflow hoisting type) for further carbonizing.

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