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Why can charcoal machine change waste resources into economic advantages?

Jan 30, 2019

Why can charcoal machine change waste resources into economic advantages?

Our daily life is full of all kinds of used materials. How can we deal with a large amount of wastes efficiently? Usually, we collected and burned or thrown away these wastes directly. However, in order to save resources, some waste materials can be recycled and reused in some way, especially the agricultural and forestry wastes, such as straw, rice husk, cotton stalk, coconut shell, tree branches, wood processing waste and sawdust, etc..

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It will seriously pollute the environment if these materials are burned simply as fuel. Actually, charcoal making machine can fully use these raw materials to produce high-quality charcoal and bring big profits to the people who invest the charcoal machines. So, Why can charcoal machine change waste resources into economic advantages?

 Through decades of development, Shuliy machinery has become a professional manufacturer for producing charcoal production equipment. The charcoal making machine equipment produced by Shuliy machinery is widely used in all kinds of large scale charcoal production lines, we also can provide automatic and semi-automatic charcoal production lines to meet different requirements of our clients.


The exhaust gas produced in carbonization process can be filtered into combustible gas for recycling and ensure the production process without flue gas pollution and sewage discharge. Our advanced equipment and technology with convenient operation can achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

We all know that the traditional charcoal production method is very serious to the destruction of forest resources, and will cause serious air pollution. Nowadays, the governments of many countries have founded a number of policies and regulations to protect and improve the ecological environment for the sake of countriessustainable development. And it has been banned to cut down natural forests without authorization and strictly restrict to use natural forests for charcoal producing with earth kilns. However, the continuous carbonization charcoal making machine is completely different from the earth kiln because it uses tree branches, rice husks, sawdust and other agricultural wastes as raw materials to produce charcoal. Most of these raw materials are the unwanted things in farmland or forest, which are also wasted if not used, so we can make full use of them to make a big profit.

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The working principle of the continuous charcoal machine as follows: firstly, using leaves, sawdust and other materials to make flammable gas in the gasifier. After purified, the gas will enter into the continuous carbonizating furnace for combustion. The heat of combustion will be used to process the raw materials like corn stalk, wheat stalk, rice stalk, coconut shell, wood chips and other materials in the pipe at high temperature to make them into charcoal. The charcoal which is produced in high temperature carbonization can be used as the resource of activated charcoal, and can be made into a variety of charcoal products required by all kinds of industries. Therefore, there is a vast prospect of machine-made charcoal in the market.

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